1049 experts added to the Daubert Tracker (October 2014 Update)

The Daubert Tracker is America’s largest database of challenges to expert testimony. In the month of October 2014, we added challenge information involving 1049 different expert witnesses. Here’s the list of names and disciplines of these expert witnesses.

An inclusion in the Daubert Tracker does not mean that the expert has been excluded under Daubert/Rule 702. We track opinions and orders where the Court discusses a challenge against an expert and then rules on the challenge, either neutrally, in favor of or against the expert.

Many experts are also included because they played a crucial role in supporting or opposing motions for summary judgments, to dismiss, to certify a class etc.

If a Court admits opposing experts but gives more weight to the testimony of one expert over the other, both experts are included in the database.

If you wish to receive the complete background of expert witness (cases where he was challenged, other cases where he was an expert, his personal litigation history, educational degree verification, licenses and certification verification, disciplinary action checks, publications, political contributions, social media, blogs, websites, memberships to associations etc.), you can now order a custom Expert Witness Profile and receive a detailed report on any expert witness of your choice.

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  1. No.
Expert Witness Disciplines
1 Abdul S. Abdul Env. Science/Tech., Hydrogeology
2 Agent Marzullo Govt. Agent
3 Agent Masumoto Govt. Agent
4 Agent Robletto Govt. Agent
5 Agent Anthony Hinton DEA Agent
6 Agent Armando Montes Jr. Border Patrol Agent
7 Agent Cesar Arias Govt. Agent, Pharmacy
8 Agent Robert Miller Fingerprint Analysis, Govt. Agent
9 Agent Sanford A. Angelos Forensic Chemistry, Forensic Science, DEA Agent
10 Agent Van Worth Shaw Jr. Fire Investigation, Govt. Agent
11 Al Heidorn Insurance Expert
12 Alan L. Koenig Architecture
13 Albert N. Allen MAI, SRA, CRE Real Estate Appraisal, Valuation
14 Alexandra Armillas Apparel/Clothing Industry Expert, Fashion Industry Expert
15 Alfred Harmon Trucking
16 Allan W. Clamp Safety
17 Allan W. Thompson NEC
18 Andrew Carter M.B.A., C.P.A. Accounting, Business Administration, Finance
19 Andrew Lawyer Accident Reconstruction, Electrical Engin., Safety
20 Anne F. Aastum Vocational Expert
21 Anthony Bartello C.F.I. Fire Investigation
22 Antonio L. Argiz Valuation
23 Arnold Anderson Accident Reconstruction, Police/ Law Enforcement
24 Arnold Heckman Business Valuation, Real Estate Broker
25 Arnold Przepiora Mechanical Engin.
26 Arol J. Charbonneau Jr. Real Estate Appraisal
27 Arthur L. Atkinson Safety, Transportation
28 Arvin Hille Safety
29 Atty Barbara Gallo Environmental Law
30 Atty Boyd S. Lemon Legal Malpractice
31 Atty David Bercuson Law
32 Atty David L. Garrison J.D. Chemical Engin., Patent Law
33 Atty David N. Fronek J.D. Patent Law
34 Atty Harry F. Manbeck Jr., J.D. Litigation, Patent Law
35 Atty Harry Ross Asher J.D. Law
36 Atty J. W. Seibert III, J.D. Real Estate Law
37 Atty James R. Brueggemann Intellectual Property, Patent Law
38 Atty John J. OBrien J.D., C.L.U., C.P.C.U. Insurance Expert, Insurance Law
39 Atty John R. Perkins Securities Law
40 Atty Joseph A. Colaianni J.D. Patent Law
41 Atty Matthew A. Low Env. Science/Tech., Law
42 Atty Nicholas E. Westman J.D. Patent Law
43 Atty Norman Jolly J.D. Law
44 Atty Ray Weber Patent Law
45 Atty Robert E. Buch J.D. Employment Law
46 Atty Roberto Garretón Law
47 Atty Stephen Auld Q.C. Law
48 Atty Sussan Shore Law
49 Atty Thomas J. MacBride J.D. Law
50 Atty. Abed Awad J.D. Commercial Law, International Law, Matrimonial Law
51 Atty. Michael P. Atkinson J.D., L.L.M. Insurance Expert, Legal Malpractice, Litigation
52 Atty. Philip N. Asprodites J.D. Law
53 Barbara J. Paull Insurance Expert
54 Barry Strock NEC
55 Barry N. Atwood ADA Consulting, Construction
56 Bart Neuman M.B.A Economics, Information Technology
57 Belinda Weldon Field Sobriety Testing, Police/ Law Enforcement
58 Ben C. Haveman Marine Surveying
59 Benjamin Berger Psychology
60 Beth Neidlinger R.N. Nursing
61 Beth I Anderson P.E Accident Reconstruction, Electrical Engin., Fire Investigation, Safety
62 Brad Wagner Banking
63 Brad P. Avrit P.E. Civil Engin., Safety Engin.
64 Bradley W. Probst M.S.B.M.E. Accident Reconstruction, Biomechanics, Biomedical Engin., Mechanical Engin.
65 Brenda Smith DNA
66 Brett Alexander Accident Reconstruction
67 Brian Freer NEC
68 Brian C. Underwood C.R.E. Real Estate Appraisal
69 Bruce Chappell Oil and Gas Industry Expert, Safety
70 Byron S. Arbeit M.A., N.F.A., H.F.A. Hospital Admin.
  1. S. Baum
72 C.E. Chick Anderson Firearms/Toolmrks/Ballist., Police/ Law Enforcement
73 Calvin F. Anderson Vocational Expert
74 Capt. Joseph Ahlstrom M.A. Adm./Maritime, Boat Captain, Safety, Security, Transportation
75 Capt. Peter Daniels Adm./Maritime
76 Carl Suchovsky Biomedical Engin.
77 Catherine Anderson Vocational Expert
78 Cecelia Dorn Nutrition
79 Charles Thompson Police/ Law Enforcement
80 Charles Woodring NEC
81 Charles Edwin Neu P.E. Materials/Met. Engin., Forensic Science
82 Charles L. Maskell Jr., C.P.A. Accounting
83 Charles W. Evans Aviation, Valuation
84 Charles William Ay Industrial Hygiene
85 Chief Kent Adair Police/ Law Enforcement
86 Chris Youngkin NEC
87 Christopher Andrews Accident Reconstruction, Aviation
88 Cindy Alexander Couns./Therapy, Social Work
89 Cindy Alvord R.N. Nursing
90 Claude R. Hall NEC
91 Clay Allen Real Estate Appraisal, Real Estate Broker
92 Constance Ward Accounting
93 Corp. James Altgelt Field Sobriety Testing, Police/ Law Enforcement
94 Curtis Richmond NEC
95 Dale Denio Construction
96 Damon B. Farber Architecture, Landscaping
97 Daniel Kraft P.E. Petroleum Engin.
98 Daniel A. Stich C.P.A. Accounting
99 David Adams Economics, Statistics
100 David Appel Economics, Finance
101 David Campbell A.I.A. Architecture
102 David Cole C.P.A. Accounting
103 David Goldsmith Industrial Engin., Materials/Met. Engin., Safety
104 David Horton NEC
105 David Kennedy C.P.A. Accounting
106 David Smith C.P.A. Accounting
107 David Stothers Police/ Law Enforcement
108 David Sullivan C.C.M. Air quality, Meteorology
109 David A. Anderson C.P.A., C.F.E. Accounting, Fraud Examination
110 David Edward Abshier Banking, Finance
111 David R. Adams Economics, Statistics
112 Dean Amadon Real Estate Appraisal
113 Decator H. Austin Marine Surveying
114 Dep. Sheriff Edmund Anderson Firearms/Toolmrks/Ballist., Police/ Law Enforcement
115 Dep. Sheriff Joe Aguilar Gang Expert, Police/ Law Enforcement
116 Deputy Charles Houghton Fingerprint Analysis, Police/ Law Enforcement
117 Deputy Doug Phillips Police/ Law Enforcement
118 Deputy Edward Armijo Accident Reconstruction, Police/ Law Enforcement
119 Deputy Michael M. Ackley Police/ Law Enforcement
120 Det. Amy Phelps Police/ Law Enforcement
121 Det. Charles Anderson Police/ Law Enforcement
122 Det. Christopher Barling Police/ Law Enforcement
123 Det. Daniel Perruzza Fingerprint Analysis, Police/ Law Enforcement
124 Det. Eduardo Aguirre Gang Expert, Police/ Law Enforcement
125 Det. Eric Arias Gang Expert, Police/ Law Enforcement
126 Det. Granville Fields Police/ Law Enforcement
127 Det. Janice Atkinson Police/ Law Enforcement
128 Det. Lisa Ashworth Police/ Law Enforcement
129 Det. Mark Adams Gang Expert, Police/ Law Enforcement
130 Det. Mike Halbleib Police/ Law Enforcement
131 Det. Mike Mealish Police/ Law Enforcement
132 Det. Mike Meislish Police/ Law Enforcement
133 Det. Ronald Aurich Gang Expert, Police/ Law Enforcement
134 Det. Thomas Richardson Gang Expert, Police/ Law Enforcement
135 Det. Walter Ah Mow Firearms/Toolmrks/Ballist., Police/ Law Enforcement
136 Dominick De Salvo Civil Engin.
137 Donald C. Berman P.E. Design Engin., Electrical Engin., Safety Engin., Fire Investigation, Products Liability
138 Donald L. Asa Accident Reconstruction, Driving, Safety
139 Donelson Berger NEC
140 Donna Adkins R.N. Nursing
141 Donna M. Abbott M.S.N., C.N.P. Nursing
142 Doug Weich Nutrition
143 Douglas Arnold Computer Science, Forensic Science
144 Douglas McDonald C.P.A. Accounting
145 Douglas J. Brickley C.T.P., C.I.R.A. Finance, Valuation
146 Douglas M. McDonald NEC
147 Dr. Anderson Mental Health
148 Dr. Battels M.D. Emergency Medicine
149 Dr. Genser M.D. Medicine
150 Dr. Morey Air quality, Biology
151 Dr. OConnor Emergency Medicine
152 Dr. Robertson Building Inspection, Environ. Engin., Mold expert
153 Dr. Saeed Psychiatry
154 Dr. Tracy NEC
155 Dr. A. Bruce Buckman Ph.D. Electrical Engin.
156 Dr. A. David Axelrad M.D. Forensic Psychiatry, Pain Management, Psychiatry
157 Dr. A. L. Baxley Ph.D. Chemical Engin.
158 Dr. Abbas Alavi M.D. Internal Medicine, Nuclear Medicine, Radiology
159 Dr. Abdul H.M.A. Alkhafaji M.D. Surgery
160 Dr. Abdul J. Alkhafaji M.D. Surgery
161 Dr. Abhay Pandit Ph.D. Biomedical Engin.
162 Dr. Aboaba Afilaka M.D. Occupational Medicine
163 Dr. Adrienne D. Atzemis M.D. Child Abuse Pediatrics, Forensic Pediatrics, Pediatrics
164 Dr. Alan Arthur Abrams M.D., J.D. Law, Addiction Psychiatry, Forensic Psychiatry, Psychiatry
165 Dr. Alan Ira Brenner M.D. Internal Medicine, Rheumatology
166 Dr. Alan James Watts Ph.D. Accident Reconstruction, Biomechanics, Physics
167 Dr. Aletha Wissler Tippett M.D. Family Practice, Hospice and Palliative Medicine
168 Dr. Allan Huasknecht M.D. Neurology
169 Dr. Allen C. Eberhardt Ph.D. Accident Reconstruction, Design Engin., Mechanical Engin., Structural Engin., Tire Expert
170 Dr. Ambrose Anthony Aboud M.D. Internal Medicine, Medical Oncology
171 Dr. Andrew Marc Schneider M.D. Hospice and Palliative Medicine, Internal Medicine, Medical Oncology
172 Dr. Andrew Nelson Avery M.D. Internal Medicine, Medical Toxicology, Occupational Medicine
173 Dr. Andrew T. Armstrong Ph.D., FABC, FAAFS Forensic Chemistry, Fire Investigation, Forensic Science
174 Dr. Andrew Wilson Appel Ph.D. Computer Science
175 Dr. Angela J. Stanley M.D. Pediatrics
176 Dr. Angeles A. Alvarez-Mullin M.D. Psychiatry
177 Dr. Anthony Povilitis Ph.D. Wildlife Biology
178 Dr. Anthony Arnold Amato M.D. Neurology
179 Dr. Anthony M. Gamboa Jr., Ph.D. Vocational Expert
180 Dr. Anthony S. Acampora Ph.D. Computer Engin., Electrical Engin., Telecommunications
181 Dr. Antoinette R. Appel Ph.D., J.D., ABPN, BCFE, F-ACFE Neuropsychology
182 Dr. Aqeeb Ahmad M.D. Addiction Psychiatry, Geriatric Psychiatry, Psychiatry
183 Dr. Arieh Arielli M.D. Orthopaedic Surgery
184 Dr. Arnaldo Apolito M.D., D.L.F.A.P.A. Forensic Psychiatry, Psychiatry
185 Dr. Arthur Edward Brawer M.D. Internal Medicine, Rheumatology
186 Dr. Arthur P. Kowell M.D. Clinical Neurophysiology, Neurology
187 Dr. Ashok Anant M.D. Neurosurgery
188 Dr. Barbara Ellen Ziv M.D. Psychiatry
189 Dr. Barry Klein M.D. Medicine
190 Dr. Barry G.W. Arnason M.D. Neurology
191 Dr. Barry Lester Singer M.D. Hematology, Internal Medicine, Medical Oncology
192 Dr. Barry N. Feinberg Ph.D., P.E. Biomedical Engin., Electrical Engin.
193 Dr. Beach Conger M.D. Internal Medicine
194 Dr. Bernard Mark Abrams M.D. Neurology
195 Dr. Bernard S. Abrams O.D. Optometry, Safety
196 Dr. Bernd Klosterhalfen M.D. Biomedical Engin., Pathology
197 Dr. Betty S. Spivack M.D. Forensic Pediatrics, Pediatric Critical Care, Pediatrics
198 Dr. Brian D. Reilly D.C. Chiropractics
199 Dr. Brian Q. Silver Ph.D. Musicology
200 Dr. Brian R. Abbott Ph.D., L.C.S.W. Clinical Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Social Work
201 Dr. Bruce A. Eisenstein Ph.D., P.E. Computer Engin., Electrical Engin.
202 Dr. Bruce Alan Rosenzweig M.D. Obstetrics/Gyn.
203 Dr. Bruce David Charash M.D. Cardiology, Cardiovasc. Disease, Internal Medicine
204 Dr. Bruce Jorge Ammerman M.D. Neurosurgery
205 Dr. Bruce Mathison Abell M.D. Critical Care Medicine, Surgery
206 Dr. Bruce Michael Aucoin D.Engr., P.E., P.M.P. Electrical Engin.
207 Dr. Bruce T. Adornato M.D. Internal Medicine, Neurology
208 Dr. Bryan S. Finkle Ph.D. Toxicology
209 Dr. Burton Armin Waisbren M.D. Internal Medicine
210 Dr. Calvin Bradford Ph.D. Sociology, Statistics
211 Dr. Calvin Driver Alexander M.D. Critical Care Medicine, Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Disease
212 Dr. Carl A. Aagesen II, D.O. Psychiatry, Osteopathy
213 Dr. Carl E. Adams Jr., P.E., Ph.D. Civil Engin., Wastewater Engin.
214 Dr. Carl J. Abraham Ph.D., D.Sc., J.D., P.E. Organic Chemistry, Chemical Engin., Environ. Engin., Safety Engin., Erg./Human Fac. Anlys., Fire Investigation, Forensic Science, Industrial Hygiene, Safety, Warnings Expert
215 Dr. Carl J. Altstetter Sc.D. Materials/Met. Engin.
216 Dr. Carl M. Hubbard Ph.D., C.F.A. Economics, Finance
217 Dr. Carl R. Loper Jr., Ph.D. Materials/Met. Engin.
218 Dr. Carl Warren Adams M.D. Thoracic and Cardiac Surgery
219 Dr. Carol Ann Huff M.D. Internal Medicine, Medical Oncology
220 Dr. Carol L. Armstrong Ph.D., A.B.P.N. Neuropsychology
221 Dr. Carol R. Angle M.D. Pediatric Nephrology, Pediatrics, Toxicology
222 Dr. Caroline Bull Psy.D, L.P. Counseling Psych., Psychology
223 Dr. Cary D. Rostow M.D. Clinical Psychology, Neuropsychology
224 Dr. Catherine LaChapelle Albin M.D. Critical Care Medicine, Pediatric Critical Care, Pediatrics
225 Dr. Charlene Oda Sabin M.D Pediatrics
226 Dr. Charles Alford III, Ph.D Business Valuation, Economics
227 Dr. Charles Alford III, Ph.D. Business Valuation, Economics
228 Dr. Charles E. Armentrout Ph.D. Physics
229 Dr. Charles Neuville Aprill III, M.D. Radiology
230 Dr. Charles R. Woods M.D. Pediatric Infect. Dis., Pediatrics
231 Dr. Charles Stephen Grob M.D. Child Psychiatry, Psychiatry
232 Dr. Christine Barstad M.D. Psychiatry
233 Dr. Christine Brauer Ph.D. FDA Expert
234 Dr. Christopher George M.D. Neurology
235 Dr. Christopher C. Muller Ph.D., M.B.A. Hotel Industry, Management
236 Dr. Christopher Martin H. Davey M.D. Family Practice, Geriatric Medicine
237 Dr. Claude E. Terry Ph.D., DABT Toxicology
238 Dr. Claude R. Martin Jr., Ph.D. Advertising, Market Research, Marketing, Survey Research
239 Dr. Clinton A. Carter M.D. Emergency Medicine
240 Dr. Coburn H. Allen M.D. Pediatric Emerg. Med., Pediatric Infect. Dis., Pediatrics
241 Dr. Craig Douglas Westin M.D. Orthopaedic Surgery
242 Dr. Craig Leo Miller M.D. Internal Medicine
243 Dr. Cristin Marie Rolf M.D. Anatomic/Clin. Path., Forensic Pathology
244 Dr. Dale A. Baur D.D.S. Oral Surgery
245 Dr. Dale Clark Alverson M.D. Neonatal/Perinatal Med., Pediatrics
246 Dr. Dale R. Arnold Ph.D. Clinical Psychology, Forensic Psychology
247 Dr. Daniel George Adler M.D. Neurology, Pediatric Neurology, Pediatrics
248 Dr. Daniel Gregory Amen M.D. Child/Adol. Psychiatry, Psychiatry
249 Dr. Daniel John Moller Jr., M.D. Internal Medicine
250 Dr. Daniel W. Armstrong Ph.D. Biochemistry
251 Dr. Darran Cairns NEC
252 Dr. Darrell Lane Henderson M.D. Plastic Surgery
253 Dr. David Lucantoni Ph.D. Operations Research, Telecommunications
254 Dr. David Martin M.D. Cardiovasc. Disease, Clin. Card. Electrophys.
255 Dr. David Sidransky M.D. Internal Medicine, Oncology, Otolaryngology, Pathology, Urology
256 Dr. David Weiss Orthopaedic Surgery
257 Dr. David Wellman Ph.D. Sociology
258 Dr. David Workman Ph.D. Computer Science
259 Dr. David A. Macpherson Ph.D. Economics, Labor Economics, Statistics
260 Dr. David Andrew Talan M.D. Emergency Medicine, Infectious Disease, Internal Medicine
261 Dr. David C. Abelson D.D.S. Dentistry
262 Dr. David E. Auslander Ph.D. Pharmaceutics, Pharmacy
263 Dr. David E. Hartman Ph.D., A.B.P.P. Clinical Psychology, Neuropsychology
264 Dr. David G. Adkins Ph.D. Clinical Psychology
265 Dr. David H. Dodd Ph.D. Eyewitness Identification, Cognitive Psychology
266 Dr. David J. Armor Ph.D. Education, Sociology, Statistics
267 Dr. David John Anderson M.D. Psychiatry
268 Dr. David M. Posey M.D. Anatomic/Clin. Path., Forensic Pathology
269 Dr. David M. Ranks Ph.D. Neuropsychology
270 Dr. David Michael Ayoub M.D. Diagnostic Radiology
271 Dr. David Michael Barbara Jr., M.D. Surgery
272 Dr. David N. Alexander M.D. Neurology, Spinal Cord Injury
273 Dr. David R. Kamerschen Ph.D. Economics
274 Dr. David S. Alberts M.D. Oncology
275 Dr. David W. Adcock II, M.D. Obstetrics/Gyn., Orthopaedic Surgery
276 Dr. David W. Aiken Jr., M.D. Orthopaedic Surgery
277 Dr. David W. DeRamus Ph.D. Economics, Finance, Statistics, Valuation
278 Dr. David W. Petersen Ph.D. Statistics
279 Dr. Dawn Starr Ph.D. Clinical Psychology, Forensic Psychology
280 Dr. Dean Fritch PhD, DABFT, DABCC-TC Toxicology
281 Dr. Dean Gerard Zweng M.D. Family Practice
282 Dr. Dennis P. Brady Ph.D. Statistics
283 Dr. Dennis Peter Asen D.D.S. Dentistry
284 Dr. Donald Auerbach M.D. Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Disease
285 Dr. Donald De Santis M.D. Surgery
286 Dr. Donald Stern Ph.D. Marketing
287 Dr. Donald C. Austin M.D. Neurosurgery
288 Dr. Donald F. Huelke Ph.D. Accident Reconstruction, Biomechanical Engin.
289 Dr. Donald Franklin Austin M.D., M.P.H. Epidemiology, Preventive Medicine, Public Health
290 Dr. Donna K. Arnett Ph.D. Epidemiology
291 Dr. Douglas Kent Sanderson M.D. Orthopaedic Surgery
292 Dr. Drew Carlton Apgar D.O. Family Practice
293 Dr. Dwight Adams Ph.D. Biology, DNA, Forensic Science, FBI Agent
294 Dr. Eckardt Johanning M.D. Family Practice, Occupational Medicine
295 Dr. Edmond W. Israelski Ph.D., C.H.F.P. Electrical Engin., Human Factors Engin., Erg./Human Fac. Anlys., Industrial/Organizational Psychology
296 Dr. Edward Joseph Truemper M.D. Pediatric Critical Care, Pediatrics
297 Dr. Edward Vincent Platia M.D. Cardiovasc. Disease, Internal Medicine
298 Dr. Eli Alshech Ph.D. Terrorism
299 Dr. Elizabeth Anderson Ph.D., FATS Organic Chemistry, Env. Science/Tech., Public Health, Toxicology
300 Dr. Elizabeth Young M.D. Pediatrics
301 Dr. Elizabeth J. Perlman M.D. Anatomic Path., Pediatric Pathology
302 Dr. Elizabeth L. Anderson Ph.D., FATS Organic Chemistry, Env. Science/Tech., Public Health, Toxicology
303 Dr. Elliot Atkins Ed.D. Psychology
304 Dr. Elliot L. Atkins Ed.D. Psychology
305 Dr. Emanuel Newmark M.D. Ophthalmology
306 Dr. Eric C. Sung D.D.S. Dentistry
307 Dr. Eric S. Engum Ph.D., J.D. Law, Clinical Psychology, Neuropsychology
308 Dr. Erik Karl Antonsson Ph.D., P.E. Mechanical Engin.
309 Dr. Ezell Stallworth Autrey M.D. Obstetrics/Gyn.
310 Dr. Farid Amirouche Ph.D. Industrial Engin., Mechanical Engin.
311 Dr. Felix A. Adatsi Ph.D. Blood Alcohol Concentration Expert, Chemistry, Forensic Science, Toxicology
312 Dr. Fereydoun Aghazadeh Ph.D., P.E. Biomechanics, Human Factors Engin., Industrial Engin., Safety Engin.
313 Dr. Frank Joseph Bottiglieri M.D. Obstetrics/Gyn.
314 Dr. Frank O. Tyers M.D. Cardiovasc. Disease, Vascular Surgery
315 Dr. Frederick Kamran Askari M.D., Ph.D. Gastroenterology, Internal Medicine
316 Dr. Gage Averill Ph.D. Music Industry Expert, Musicology
317 Dr. Garth L. Wilkes Ph.D. Polymer Chemistry, Chemical Engin.
318 Dr. Gary Joseph Ordog M.D. Emergency Medicine, Medical Toxicology
319 Dr. Gary R. Albrecht Ph.D. Economics, Valuation
320 Dr. Gary R. Brickner M.D. Obstetrics/Gyn.
321 Dr. Gene G. Abel M.D. Psychiatry
322 Dr. Genevieve M. Ames Ph.D. Anthropology
323 Dr. Geoffrey P Alpert Ph.D Criminal Justice, Criminology, Police/ Law Enforcement, Sociology
324 Dr. Geoffrey P. Alpert Ph.D. Criminal Justice, Criminology, Police/ Law Enforcement, Sociology
325 Dr. George C. Anderheggen Ph.D. Couns./Therapy
326 Dr. George J Grosso MD Neuropsychiatry
327 Dr. George O. Linkletter Ph.D., P.G. Geology, Hydrogeology, Mathematics
328 Dr. George R. Nichols M.D. Anatomic/Clin. Path., Forensic Pathology
329 Dr. George Randolph Rice Ph.D. Economics
330 Dr. Gerald Cooke Ph.D. Forensic Psychology, Neuropsychology
331 Dr. Gerald Martin Aronoff M.D., D.A.B.P.M., D.A.B.P.N. Anesthesiology, Neurology, Pain Management, Physical Med./Rehab., Psychiatry
332 Dr. Gilbert Cardenas Economics
333 Dr. Gina E. Bertocci Ph.D., P.E. Biomechanical Engin., Mechanical Engin., Child Abuse Pediatrics
334 Dr. Giovanni Angelino M.D. Pain Management
335 Dr. Glacus Brito M.D. Medicine
336 Dr. Glenn W. Ahava Ph.D. Forensic Psychology
337 Dr. Gloria H. Bentinck M.D. Forensic Psychiatry, Psychiatry
338 Dr. Gordon Lewis Amidon Ph.D. Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Mathematics, Pharmacy
339 Dr. Gregory William Albers M.D. Neurology
340 Dr. Griffiths Thomas Medicine
341 Dr. H. Daniel Blackwood Ph.D. Neuropsychology
342 Dr. H. James Wedner M.D. Allergy & Immunology, Internal Medicine
343 Dr. H. Vasken Aposhian Ph.D. Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacology, Toxicology
344 Dr. Haddon Christopher Alexander III, M.D. Internal Medicine, Rheumatology
345 Dr. Harland D. Austin DSc Epidemiology, Public Health, Statistics
346 Dr. Harold Alexander Ph.D. Biomechanical Engin., Biomedical Engin.
347 Dr. Harriet Ammann Ph.D. Toxicology
348 Dr. Harry Cantrell M.D. Otolaryngology
349 Dr. Harry I. Aronowitz D.M.D
350 Dr. Harry I. Aronowitz D.M.D. Dentistry
351 Dr. Harry James Bonnell M.D. Coroner/Med. Ex., Anatomic Path., Forensic Pathology
352 Dr. Harvey L. Alpern M.D. Cardiovasc. Disease, Internal Medicine
353 Dr. Henry Amado M.D. Psychiatry
354 Dr. Henry B. Ehrlich M.D. Psychiatry
355 Dr. Howard Ashby M.D. Child Psychiatry
356 Dr. Howard Charles Adelman M.D. Anatomic/Clin. Path., Cytopathology
357 Dr. Howard F. Andrews Ph.D. Psychology, Biostatistics
358 Dr. Howard Richard Abel M.D. Hematology, Internal Medicine, Medical Oncology
359 Dr. Hugh Hopkins West M.D. Emergency Medicine
360 Dr. Imelda C. Alfonso M.D. Psychiatry
361 Dr. Irwin Goldstein M.D. Urology
362 Dr. Isaac Avitan Ph.D., P.E. Electrical Engin., Forensic Engin., Mechanical Engin.
363 Dr. Israel Jack Abramson M.D. Addiction Psychiatry, Forensic Psychiatry, Geriatric Psychiatry, Psychiatry
364 Dr. Issac Avitan Ph.D., P.E. Electrical Engin., Forensic Engin., Mechanical Engin.
365 Dr. J. Derald Morgan Ph.D., P.E. Electrical Engin., Fire Investigation
366 Dr. J. Scott Armstrong Ph.D. Marketing, Survey Research
367 Dr. Jack Arbit Ph.D. Clinical Psychology
368 Dr. Jack B. Gorman D.P.M. Podiatry
369 Dr. Jack Joseph Adler M.D. Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Disease
370 Dr. Jack L. Auflick Ph.D. Accident Reconstruction, Biomechanics, Erg./Human Fac. Anlys., Human Fact. Psych.
371 Dr. Jack Per Vognsen Ph.D. Clinical Psychology, Psychology
372 Dr. Jack S. Annon Ph.D. Clinical Psychology, Forensic Psychology
373 Dr. Jagga Rao Alluri M.D. Neurology
374 Dr. James Alsdurf Ph.D., LP, PA Clinical Psychology, Forensic Psychology
375 Dr. James Austin Ph.D. Prison Management/Corrections Expert, Sociology
376 Dr. James Lewis D.O. Forensic Medicine
377 Dr. James Swindoll M.D. Child Abuse Pediatrics, Pediatrics
378 Dr. James A. Sherwood Ph.D., P.E. Aeron./Aerosp. Engin., Mechanical Engin.
379 Dr. James Courtland Agre M.D. Physical Med./Rehab.
380 Dr. James E. Aiken Ph.D. Criminal Justice, Prison Management/Corrections Expert
381 Dr. James F. Burke M.D., F.A.C.C. Cardiovasc. Disease, Internal Medicine
382 Dr. James M. Anderson M.D. Forensic Psychiatry, Psychiatry
383 Dr. James M. Miller P.E., Ph.D. Accident Reconstruction, Human Factors Engin., Industrial Engin., Safety Engin., Erg./Human Fac. Anlys., Warnings Expert
384 Dr. James M. Vogel M.D. Hematology, Internal Medicine, Medical Oncology
385 Dr. James Melvin Anderson MD Internal Medicine
386 Dr. James Melvin Anderson Ph.D., M.D. Internal Medicine
387 Dr. James Milton Jackson M.D. Internal Medicine
388 Dr. James Raymond Lauridson M.D. Coroner/Med. Ex., Forensic Science, Anatomic Path., Forensic Pathology, Internal Medicine, Toxicology
389 Dr. James Robert Youngjohn Ph.D Neuropsychology
390 Dr. James Stanford Faulkner M.D. Orthopaedic Surgery
391 Dr. James Thomas ODonnell Pharm.D., FCP, ABCP, CNS, FACN Nutrition, Pharmacology, Pharmacy, Toxicology
392 Dr. James Wilson Albers M.D., Ph.D. Biomedical Engin., Clinical Neurophys., Neurology, Toxicology
393 Dr. Janet Bixby Arrowsmith-Lowe M.D., F.A.C.P. Epidemiology, FDA Expert, Medical Technology, Family Practice, Internal Medicine
394 Dr. Jason A. Hand M.D. Internal Medicine
395 Dr. Jay Athy Ph.D. Couns./Therapy, Clinical Psychology, Counseling Psych.
396 Dr. Jay Shankman Ph.D., D.A.C.F.E., C.H.S.P., C.H.C.M, R.P.I.H. Forensic Engin., Safety Engin., Safety
397 Dr. Jay E. Athy Ph.D. Couns./Therapy, Clinical Psychology, Counseling Psych.
398 Dr. Jean Elizabeth Teasley M.D. Hospice and Palliative Medicine, Neurology, Pediatric Neurology, Pediatrics
399 Dr. Jean-Jacques Abitbol M.D. Orthopaedic Surgery
400 Dr. Jeannie Eberhardt Ph.D. Molecular Biology, DNA, Forensic Science, Serology
401 Dr. Jeffery M. Jentzen M.D. Anatomic/Clin. Path., Forensic Pathology
402 Dr. Jeffrey E. Harris M.D., Ph.D. Health Economics, Medicine
403 Dr. Jeffrey W. Aston Ph.D. Clinical Psychology
404 Dr. Jeffrey Wayne Allen M.D. Surgery
405 Dr. Jeremy Jon Albright Ph.D. Political Science, Statistics, Survey Research
406 Dr. Jerome Lewis Avorn M.D. Epidemiology, Internal Medicine, Pharmacology
407 Dr. Jerrold L. Abraham M.D. Anatomic Path.
408 Dr. Jerry D. Gibson Ph.D. NEC
409 Dr. Jerry G. Blaivas M.D. Urology
410 Dr. Jerry J. Tomasovic M.D. Neurology, Pediatric Neurology, Pediatrics
411 Dr. Jerry L. Arnold Ph.D., C.P.A. Accounting, Business Administration
412 Dr. Jerry L. Atwood Ph.D. Polymer Chemistry
413 Dr. Jerry S. Walden M.D. Family Practice
414 Dr. Jimmy W. Mays Ph.D. Polymer Chemistry
415 Dr. Joel Rosen M.D. Medicine
416 Dr. Joel B. Cohen Ph.D., M.B.A. Advertising, Market Research, Marketing
417 Dr. Joel L. Appel D.O. Hematology, Osteopathy
418 Dr. John Hupka Ph.D. Couns./Therapy, Clinical Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Neuropsychology
419 Dr. John A. Heidingsfelder M.D. Anatomic/Clin. Path., Forensic Pathology
420 Dr. John Andrew Lach Jr., M.D. Family Practice
421 Dr. John Brian Peter Williamson Ph.D. Chemistry, Electrical Engin., Mechanical Engin., Physics
422 Dr. John C. Ziegert Ph.D. Mechanical Engin.
423 Dr. John D. Arroyo Psy.D. Clinical Psychology
424 Dr. John David Abramson M.D. Family Practice
425 Dr. John E. Adams M.D. Anatomic Path., Clinical Pathology, Forensic Pathology
426 Dr. John F. Kiefner Ph.D., P.E. Civil Engin.
427 Dr. John Francis Steege M.D. Obstetrics/Gyn.
428 Dr. John G. Atherton Ph.D. Chemistry, Engin., Fire Investigation
429 Dr. John Leonard Almeida Jr., M.D. Anatomic/Clin. Path., Pathology
430 Dr. John R. Alford Ph.D. Political Science
431 Dr. John Warren Axline M.D. Orthopaedic Surgery
432 Dr. John Watts Podboy Ph.D. Clinical Psychology, Forensic Psychology
433 Dr. John William Morris Jr., Sc.D. Materials/Met. Engin.
434 Dr. Jon B. Alterman Ph.D. History, Political Science
435 Dr. Jonathan L. Arden M.D. Anatomic Path., Forensic Pathology
436 Dr. Jorge Antonio Aldrete M.D. Anesthesiology, Pain Management
437 Dr. Jose Francisco Artecona M.D. Forensic Psychiatry, Psychiatry
438 Dr. Jose M. Arcaya Ph.D., J.D. Law, Clinical Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Neuropsychology
439 Dr. Jose Roman De Jesus M.D. Anesthesiology
440 Dr. Joseph Charles Angelillo Clinical Psychology, Forensic Psychology
441 Dr. Joseph Charles Angelillo Ph.D. Clinical Psychology, Forensic Psychology
442 Dr. Joseph H. Appleton Ph.D. Civil Engin.
443 Dr. Joseph Ira Cohen M.D. Anatomic/Clin. Path., Forensic Pathology
444 Dr. Joseph John Amato M.D. Pediatric Cardiology, Surgery, Thoracic Surgery
445 Dr. Justo Avila M.D. Orthopaedic Surgery
446 Dr. Kanwaljeet Singh Anand M.D. Pediatric Critical Care, Pediatric Neurology
447 Dr. Kaycia Lynne Vansickle M.D. Psychiatry
448 Dr. Keith A. Nelson M.D. Medical Toxicology
449 Dr. Keith Mitchell Skubitz M.D. Internal Medicine, Medical Oncology
450 Dr. Keith Russell Ablow M.D. Forensic Psychiatry, Psychiatry
451 Dr. Kenneth A. Williams M.D. Emergency Medicine
452 Dr. Kenneth J. Weiss M.D. Forensic Psychiatry, Psychiatry
453 Dr. Kenneth N. Adatto M.D. Hand Surgery, Orthopaedic Surgery
454 Dr. Kenneth N. Anchor Ph.D. Clinical Psychology
455 Dr. Kent D. Peaslee Ph.D. Materials/Met. Engin.
456 Dr. Kevin C. Almeroth Ph.D. Computer Science
457 Dr. Khalid Bashir Ahmed M.D. Orthopaedic Surgery
458 Dr. Lad E. Rubaum M.D. Otolaryngology
459 Dr. Larry M. Davis M.D. Pediatrics
460 Dr. Lawrence H. Mendel D.O. Correctional Health Care, Family Practice
461 Dr. Lee E. Branscome Ph.D., C.C.M. Meteorology
462 Dr. Leonard L. Naeger Ph.D. Pharmacology, Pharmacy
463 Dr. Lev Aminov M.D. Internal Medicine
464 Dr. Linda A. Abeles Ph.D. Clinical Psychology
465 Dr. Lisa Harper Ph.D. Psychology
466 Dr. Lome Dawson M.D. Medicine
467 Dr. Lorenzo Alvisi Ph.D. Computer Science, Physics
468 Dr. Lori Ann Attivissimo M.D., F.A.C.P., F.A.A.H.P.M. Hematology, Internal Medicine, Medical Oncology
469 Dr. Louis L. Wilde Ph.D. Economics, Mathematics
470 Dr. Louis Morris Aledort M.D. Hematology, Internal Medicine
471 Dr. Loyd Vernon Allen Jr, Ph.D., R.Ph. Pharmaceutics, Pharmacy
472 Dr. Loyd Vernon Allen Jr., Ph.D., R.Ph. Pharmaceutics, Pharmacy
473 Dr. Luke M. Augustine Ph.D. Forensic Chemistry
474 Dr. Maggie Bruck Ph.D. Child Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Experimental Psych.
475 Dr. Mahendra C. Patel M.D. Hematology, Oncology, Pediatric Hem./Onc., Pediatrics
476 Dr. Manuel Astruc M.D. Psychiatry
477 Dr. Marc A. Caplan Ph.D. Clinical Psychology, Counseling Psych., Forensic Psychology, Neuropsychology
478 Dr. Marc Hunter Appel M.D. Orthopaedic Surgery
479 Dr. Marc J. Ackerman Ph.D. Clinical Psychology, Forensic Psychology
480 Dr. Marc S. Walter Ph.D. Neuropsychology
481 Dr. Margaret Sellers-Bok M.D. Neurology, Psychiatry
482 Dr. Maria Araneta M.D. Coroner/Med. Ex., Anatomic/Clin. Path., Forensic Pathology
483 Dr. Marilee L. Gallagher M.D. Pediatrics
484 Dr. Marion B. Stewart Ph.D., M.B.A. Business Administration, Economics
485 Dr. Marjorie E. Adams M.B.A., Ph.D. Finance, Market Research, Marketing
486 Dr. Mark Schueler M.D. Family Practice
487 Dr. Mark Slack M.D. Obstetrics/Gyn.
488 Dr. Mark Donnell Akin M.D. Obstetrics/Gyn.
489 Dr. Mark Stephen McMahon M.D. Orthopaedic Surgery
490 Dr. Mark Steven Abel M.D. Family Practice
491 Dr. Martin A. Asher Ph.D. Economics, Finance
492 Dr. Martin F. Schulman Ph.D., M.D. Ophthalmology
493 Dr. Marvin Earl Ament M.D. Gastroenterology, Pediatric Gastroenter., Pediatrics
494 Dr. Marvin Stanley Platt M.D. Coroner/Med. Ex., Anatomic/Clin. Path., Forensic Pathology, Pediatrics
495 Dr. Marvin W. Acklin PhD, ABPP, ABAP Clinical Psychology, Forensic Psychology
496 Dr. Mary Jane Adams Ph.D. Clinical Psychology
497 Dr. Mary Jane Alumbaugh Ph.D. Clinical Psychology
498 Dr. Mary Steffy Amir M.D. Neurology
499 Dr. Mehmet S. Akaydin Jr., M.D. Family Practice
500 Dr. Melvin Berger M.D. Allergy & Immunology, Pediatrics
501 Dr. Michael Argenziano M.D. Thoracic and Cardiac Surgery
502 Dr. Michael Gochfeld Ph.D., M.D. Environ. Medicine, Occupational Medicine
503 Dr. Michael Jaffe Ph.D. Chemistry, Biomedical Engin.
504 Dr. Michael Mitzenmacher Ph.D. Computer Science
505 Dr. Michael Rappeport Ph.D. Market Research, Marketing, Statistics, Survey Research
506 Dr. Michael Baird Aldous M.D., M.P.H. Pediatrics, Public Health
507 Dr. Michael F. Abramsky Ph.D. Forensic Science, Clinical Psychology, Forensic Psychology
508 Dr. Michael J. Scolatti Ph.D. Clinical Psychology
509 Dr. Michael Joseph Liston M.D., F.A.C.C. Cardiovasc. Disease
510 Dr. Michael L. Hall M.D. Obstetrics/Gyn.
511 Dr. Michael R. Lieppe Ph.D. Eyewitness Identification, Experimental Psych., Social Psychology
512 Dr. Michael Ray Arambula M.D., Pharm.D. Forensic Psychiatry, Psychiatry
513 Dr. Michael S. Annunziata M.D. Psychiatry
514 Dr. Michael Thomas Armour Ph.D. Clinical Psychology, Forensic Psychology
515 Dr. Michael Thomas Margolis M.D. Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery, Obstetrics/Gyn.
516 Dr. Millie Carol Astin Ph.D., P.C. Clinical Psychology
517 Dr. Milton Alter M.D. Neurology
518 Dr. Milton Altschuler M.D. Psychiatry
519 Dr. Minesh B. Amin Ph.D. Computer Science, Software Development
520 Dr. Mohamed Bahie Abou-Donia Ph.D. Neurobiology, Pharmacology, Toxicology
521 Dr. Mohammed Ali Al-Bayati Ph.D., DABT, DABVT Pathology, Toxicology
522 Dr. Moira Frierson Artigues M.D. Forensic Psychiatry, Psychiatry
523 Dr. Moises Alberto Arriaga M.D. Neurotology, Otolaryngology
524 Dr. Morris Alex M.D. Internal Medicine
525 Dr. Murray Pizette M.D. Internal Medicine
526 Dr. Nelson H. Hendler M.D. Clinical Neurophysiology, Psychiatry
527 Dr. Nicholas Patrick Jewell Ph.D. Biostatistics, Statistics
528 Dr. Nina Agrawal M.D. Child Abuse Pediatrics, Pediatrics
529 Dr. Noel Cameron Garder M.D. Psychiatry
530 Dr. Nolan B. Aughenbaugh Ph.D. Geological Engin.
531 Dr. Ogbonna Chinwah M.D. Anatomic/Clin. Path., Forensic Pathology
532 Dr. Ollie Lawrence Vance Ph.D. Mechanical Engin.
533 Dr. Orley Clark Ashenfelter Ph.D. Econometrics, Labor Economics
534 Dr. Pamela Mary Auble Ph.D. Clinical Psychology, Neuropsychology
535 Dr. Pasquale J. Accardo M.D. Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics, Neurodevelopmental Disabilities, Pediatrics
536 Dr. Patricia C Apolinario MD Pediatrics
537 Dr. Patricia J. Aletky Ph.D., L.P. Clinical Psychology
538 Dr. Patrick David Barnes M.D. Diagnostic Radiology, Neuroradiology, Pediatric Neurology
539 Dr. Paul Trojan Ph.D. Materials/Met. Engin.
540 Dr. Paul White Ph.D. Labor Economics
541 Dr. Paul A. Anderson D.Ed. Vocational Expert
542 Dr. Paul D. Ware M.D. Neurology, Psychiatry
543 Dr. Paul S. Appelbaum M.D. Forensic Psychiatry, Psychiatry
544 Dr. Paul S. Min Ph.D. Electrical Engin., Information Technology, Telecommunications
545 Dr. Peggy C. Pence Ph.D. FDA Expert, Medical Technology, Pharmacology, Toxicology
546 Dr. Peter Adriaens Ph.D., P.E. Environ. Engin., Env. Science/Tech., Soil Science
547 Dr. Peter Brown Alden M.D. Surgery, Vascular Surgery
548 Dr. Peter Gabor Bernad M.D., M.P.H. Internal Medicine, Neurology, Public Health
549 Dr. Philip L. Tedder Ph.D. Agricultural Economics, Forestry
550 Dr. Randall Schawang D.V.M. Veterinary Medicine
551 Dr. Randall E. Pedersen D.V.M. Veterinary Medicine
552 Dr. Randolph Rice Ph.D. Labor Economics
553 Dr. Raymond D. Harbison Ph.D. Pharmacology, Toxicology
554 Dr. Raymond G. Thompson Ph.D., P.E., F.A.W.S., F.A.S.M. Materials/Met. Engin.
555 Dr. Reynaldo Raymundo Abejuela M.D. Psychiatry
556 Dr. Reza Aslan Ph.D. Author, Religion, Sociology
557 Dr. Ricardo Vaca Andrade Ph.D. International Law
558 Dr. Richard Althouse Ph.D. Clinical Psychology
559 Dr. Richard Austin Ph.D. Clinical Psychology, Forensic Psychology
560 Dr. Richard Hornick Ph.D. Experimental Psych., Human Fact. Psych.
561 Dr. Richard Ruth Ph.D. Economics
562 Dr. Richard A. Avilés Michel Ph.D. Clinical Psychology, Neuropsychology
563 Dr. Richard Alan Jacobs M.D., Ph.D. Infectious Disease, Internal Medicine
564 Dr. Richard B. Donati M.D. Orthopaedic Surgery
565 Dr. Richard Duane Karem M.D. Neurology
566 Dr. Richard E. Forbes Ph.D. Mechanical Engin.
567 Dr. Richard J. Perrillo Ph.D Clinical Psychology, Counseling Psych., Forensic Psychology, Neuropsychology
568 Dr. Richard Kent Spears Ph.D., P.E. Forensic Engin., Materials/Met. Engin., Mechanical Engin., Structural Engin.
569 Dr. Richard O. Zerbe Jr., Ph.D. Economics, Law
570 Dr. Richard P. Ascano Ph.D. Forensic Psychology
571 Dr. Richard Paul Abben M.D. Cardiovasc. Disease, Clin. Card. Electrophys., Internal Medicine, Interven. Cardiology
572 Dr. Richard Peter Fried M.D. Infectious Disease, Internal Medicine
573 Dr. Richard S. Andrulis Ph.D Human Res./Labor Rel., Psychology, Statistics
574 Dr. Richard W. Trepeta M.D. Anatomic/Clin. Path., Dermatopathology, Medical Microbiology
575 Dr. Richard Wilson Fincher M.D. Critical Care Medicine, Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Disease
576 Dr. Richard X. Hanson Ph.D. Accounting, Forensic Economics
577 Dr. Rikki Abzug Ph.D. Management, Market Research
578 Dr. Robert Akl D.Sc. Computer Science, Electrical Engin.
579 Dr. Robert Auerbach M.D., F.A.A.D., F.A.C.P Dermatology
580 Dr. Robert Kadlec Ph.D., P.E. Aeron./Aerosp. Engin., Mechanical Engin., Physics
581 Dr. Robert Palmer M.D. Internal Medicine
582 Dr. Robert Paz Ph.D. Electrical Engin.
583 Dr. Robert Theisen Ph.D. Neuropsychology
584 Dr. Robert Young M.D. Obstetrics/Gyn.
585 Dr. Robert B. Ancell Ph.D., CRC, LPC, NCC, CCM, MLSW Rehabilitation Counseling, Vocational Expert
586 Dr. Robert Bruce Ancell Ph.D., CRC, LPC, NCC, CCM, MLSW Couns./Therapy, Vocational Expert
587 Dr. Robert C. Eisenstadt Ph.D. Applied Economics, Economic Analysis
588 Dr. Robert D. Abbott Ph.D. Educational Psychology, Psychometrics, Statistics
589 Dr. Robert Douglas Banks B.Eng., M.D. Accident Reconstruction, Biomechanical Engin., Aerospace Medicine
590 Dr. Robert Dow Buzzell Ph.D. Business Administration, Marketing
591 Dr. Robert E. Lucas Jr., Ph.D. Economics
592 Dr. Robert E. Marx D.D.S. Oral Surgery
593 Dr. Robert E. Nabours Ph.D., P.E. Electrical Engin., Forensic Engin.
594 Dr. Robert F. Allen M.D. Neurology
595 Dr. Robert F. Asarnow Ph.D. Clinical Psychology, Neuropsychology
596 Dr. Robert H. Allen Ph.D., P.E. Biomechanics, Biomechanical Engin., Biomedical Engin., Civil Engin.
597 Dr. Robert Lewis Applebaum M.D. Neurosurgery
598 Dr. Robert Neil Anderson Ph.D, P.E., P.I. Chemical Engin., Forensic Engin., Materials/Met. Engin., Nuclear Engin., Fire Investigation, Firearms/Toolmrks/Ballist.
599 Dr. Robert Neil Anderson Ph.D., P.E., P.I. Chemical Engin., Forensic Engin., Materials/Met. Engin., Nuclear Engin., Fire Investigation, Firearms/Toolmrks/Ballist.
600 Dr. Robert O. Andres Ph.D., C.P.E. Biomechanics, Biomechanical Engin., Safety Engin., Erg./Human Fac. Anlys., Neurophysiology
601 Dr. Robert Owen Boyd Ph.D. Clinical Psychology, Forensic Psychology
602 Dr. Robert R. Curry Ph.D. Geology
603 Dr. Robert Samuel April M.D. Neurology
604 Dr. Robert W. Allen Ph.D. Cell Biology, DNA, Forensic Science
605 Dr. Robert W. Lightfoot Jr., M.D. Internal Medicine, Rheumatology
606 Dr. Rodney A. Appell M.D., FACS Urology
607 Dr. Rodolfo J. Aguilar Ph.D.,PE/PLS. Architecture, Civil Engin., Real Estate Appraisal
608 Dr. Roger Michael Anastasio M.D. Psychiatry
609 Dr. Ronald David Abraham D.O. Physical Med./Rehab., Osteopathy
610 Dr. Ronald H. Uscinski M.D. Neurology, Pediatric Neurosurgery
611 Dr. Ronald P. McDonald D.M.I.N. Couns./Therapy
612 Dr. Ronald Samuel Gabriel M.D. Neurology, Pediatric Neurology, Pediatrics
613 Dr. Ronald T. Acton Ph.D. Microbiology, DNA, Forensic Science, Molecular Genetics
614 Dr. Ronald T. Luke J.D., Ph.D. Economics, Law, Statistics
615 Dr. Ronney Abaza M.D. Urology
616 Dr. Rosalind L. Wright R.N., D.N.P. Nursing
617 Dr. Roy Richard Gettel M.D. Orthopaedic Surgery
618 Dr. Rudolph G. Buchheit Ph.D. Corrosion Science, Materials/Met. Engin.
619 Dr. Ruhi Arslanoglu Ph.D., P.E. Accident Reconstruction, Biomechanics, Aeron./Aerosp. Engin., Biomedical Engin.
620 Dr. Russell Dale Jelsema M.D. Maternal/Fetal Med., Obstetrics/Gyn.
621 Dr. Russell Franklin Dunn Ph.D., P.E. Chemical Engin., Materials/Met. Engin.
622 Dr. S. Paul Singh Ph.D., C.P.P. Transportation
623 Dr. Samuel Park M.D. Physical Med./Rehab.
624 Dr. Samuel I. Miles M.D., Ph.D. Addiction Psychiatry, Forensic Psychiatry, Pharmacology, Psychiatry
625 Dr. Samuel Patrick Gido Ph.D. Polymer Chemistry, Chemical Engin.
626 Dr. Sandra S. Carusa Ph.D. Neuropsychology
627 Dr. Sandra Vicki Abramson M.D. Cardiovasc. Disease, Internal Medicine
628 Dr. Scott Guelcher Ph.D. Biomedical Engin., Chemical Engin.
629 Dr. Shirley Feldman-Summers Ph.D. Philosophy, Forensic Psychology
630 Dr. Silvia Comparini M.D. Pathology
631 Dr. Simon A. Cole Ph.D. Criminology, Fingerprint Analysis, Forensic Science
632 Dr. Solomon M Fulero Ph.D., J.D. Eyewitness Identification, Law, Clinical Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Social Psychology
633 Dr. Stanley Abrams Ph.D. Polygraphy, Clinical Psychology
634 Dr. Stanley Lawrence Altschuler M.D. Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Disease
635 Dr. Stanley Robert Askin M.D., J.D. Law, Orthopaedic Surgery
636 Dr. Stanley W. Spinner M.D. Pediatrics
637 Dr. Stephanie S. Erlich M.D. Anatomic Path., Clinical Pathology, Forensic Pathology, Neuropathology
638 Dr. Stephen Cohen M.D. Hematology, Oncology
639 Dr. Stephen M. Adams M.D. Family Practice
640 Dr. Stephen T. Brown M.D. Critical Care Medicine, Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Disease
641 Dr. Stephen T. Glass M.D. Neurology, Pediatric Neurology, Pediatrics
642 Dr. Steven Smith Ph.D. Experimental Psych.
643 Dr. Steven Charles Gabaeff M.D. Clinical Forensic Medicine, Emergency Medicine
644 Dr. Steven Edward Arnold M.D. Neurology, Psychiatry
645 Dr. Steven Jay Mattleman M.D., F.A.C.C. Cardiovasc. Disease, Internal Medicine
646 Dr. Steven Lynn Cathey M.D. Neurosurgery
647 Dr. Steven R. Arndt Ph.D., CHFP Industrial Engin., Erg./Human Fac. Anlys., Psychology, Safety
648 Dr. Steven Richard Graboff M.D. Orthopaedic Surgery
649 Dr. Stewart Bruce Ater M.D. Neurology, Pediatric Neurology, Pediatrics
650 Dr. Stuart A. Aaronson M.D. Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Oncology
651 Dr. Sue Ellen Antell Ph.D. Clinical Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Neuropsychology
652 Dr. Sumanth Addanki Ph.D. Economics
653 Dr. Susan A. Mayer M.D., F.A.C.C. Cardiovasc. Disease
654 Dr. Susan G Abraham MD Psychiatry
655 Dr. Susan R. Andrews Ph.D. Clinical Psychology, Neuropsychology
656 Dr. Suzanne Dorgan Parisian M.D. FDA Expert, Medical Technology, Anatomic/Clin. Path., Forensic Pathology
657 Dr. Tarald Oddvar Kvalseth Ph.D., P.E. Human Factors Engin., Industrial Engin., Mechanical Engin., Safety Engin.
658 Dr. Terence Michael McGee M.D. Ophthalmology
659 Dr. Theodore S. Arrington Ph.D. Political Science
660 Dr. Theodore S. Donaldson Ph.D. Clinical Psychology
661 Dr. Thomas Arnold M.D. Medicine
662 Dr. Thomas Hegyi M.D. Neonatal/Perinatal Med., Pediatrics
663 Dr. Thomas Howard M.D. Medicine
664 Dr. Thomas E. Eaton P.E., Sc.D. Mechanical Engin., Nuclear Engin., Fire Investigation
665 Dr. Thomas H. Barker Ph.D. Biomedical Engin.
666 Dr. Thomas H. Stanisic M.D. Urology
667 Dr. Thomas J. Ayres Ph.D. Erg./Human Fac. Anlys., Experimental Psych., Human Fact. Psych.
668 Dr. Thomas James Callender M.D. Internal Medicine, Medical Toxicology, Occupational Medicine
669 Dr. Thomas Lawrence Alberg Ph.D. Psychology
670 Dr. Thomas Michael Zizic M.D. Rheumatology
671 Dr. Thomas W. Dodd M.D. Family Practice
672 Dr. Todd G. Thoma M.D. Coroner/Med. Ex., Emergency Medicine
673 Dr. Todd James Albert M.D. Orthopaedic Surgery
674 Dr. Tracy A. Newkirk M.D. Neurology
675 Dr. Valerie Valentine Acevedo D.O. Neurology
676 Dr. Vaughn P. Adams Jr., P.E. Accident Reconstruction, Consulting Engin., Design Engin., Human Factors Engin., Safety Engin., Erg./Human Fac. Anlys.
677 Dr. Vaughn P. Adams Jr., Ph.D. Accident Reconstruction, Consulting Engin., Design Engin., Human Factors Engin., Safety Engin., Erg./Human Fac. Anlys.
678 Dr. Vicki L. Colvin Ph.D. Physical Chemistry, Chemical Engin.
679 Dr. Victoria McGrath Ph.D., S.P.H.R. Human Res./Labor Rel.
680 Dr. Vijaya Lakshmi Atluru M.D. Neurology, Pediatric Neurology, Pediatrics
681 Dr. Virginia M. Anderson M.D. Anatomic Path., Pediatric Pathology, Pediatrics
682 Dr. Vladimir Vladimirovitch Iakovlev M.D. Anatomic Path.
683 Dr. Wallace Wass D.V.M. Veterinary Medicine
684 Dr. Walter Edward Afield M.D. Child Psychiatry, Psychiatry
685 Dr. Walter Harvey Jacobs M.D. Gastroenterology, Internal Medicine
686 Dr. Wendall E. Wall M.D. Internal Medicine
687 Dr. William Lewis M.D. Neurology, Neurosurgery
688 Dr. William Mitchell M.D. Orthopaedic Surgery
689 Dr. William Van Arsdell Ph.D., P.E. Accident Reconstruction, Mechanical Engin., Safety, Seatbelt Design
690 Dr. William C. Amos M.D. Internal Medicine
691 Dr. William Clifford Atherton Jr., Ph.D., C.F.A. Banking, Financial Analyst
692 Dr. William J. Arnoult III, Ph.D., P.E. Forensic Engin., Materials/Met. Engin.
693 Dr. William P Anthony Ph.D., S.P.H.R. Business Administration, Human Res./Labor Rel., Management
694 Dr. William P. Anthony Ph.D., S.P.H.R. Business Administration, Human Res./Labor Rel., Management
695 Dr. William Robert Anderson M.D. Anatomic Path., Clinical Pathology, Forensic Pathology
696 Dr. William Spafford Smock M.D. Emergency Medicine, Forensic Medicine
697 Dr. William T. Avara III, M.D. Surgery
698 Dr. William W. Au Ph.D. Molecular Biology, Genetics, Public Health, Toxicology
699 Dr. William W. Hay Jr., M.D. Neonatal/Perinatal Med., Pediatrics
700 Dr. Xavier Amador Ph.D. Clinical Psychology
  1. Eugene Miller
Criminology, Prison Management/Corrections Expert
  1. Lyn Lemaire
Insurance Expert
  1. Pike Levine
704 Ed Blake DNA
705 Eddie Beck C.P.A. Accounting
706 Ellen McCain NEC
707 Elmer J. Pellegrino Police/ Law Enforcement
708 Enid M. Reichard C.P.A. Accounting
709 Eric Langmack C.P.A., A.B.V. Accounting, Business Valuation, Finance
710 Eric R. Anderson L.P.C. Couns./Therapy, Vocational Expert
711 Erik S. Anderson P.E. Accident Reconstruction, Electrical Engin., Forensic Engin., Fire Investigation, Safety
712 Ernest C. Kessell Tire Expert
713 Erwin Isman NEC
714 Eugene E. Atherton Prison Management/Corrections Expert, Security
715 Eugene R. Camerota P.E. Accident Reconstruction, Consulting Engin.
716 Everett P. Harry C.P.A. Accounting
717 Frank Altmayer MSF, AESF Chemical Engin., Machining
718 Frank C. Foss C.P.E. Erg./Human Fac. Anlys., Experimental Psych.
719 Frank Hustle Johnson C.S.P., P.E. Accident Reconstruction, Electrical Engin., Materials/Met. Engin., Mechanical Engin., Safety Engin., Systems Engin.
720 Frank W. Johnson C.F.E.I. Fire Investigation
721 Fred Fisher Land Use/Urban Planning
722 Frederick E. Arndt A.I.E.G. Accident Reconstruction, Automotive Engin., Consulting Engin., Safety Engin.
723 Fredrick J. Bartnicki P.E. Design Engin., Structural Engin.
724 Gabriel G. Alexander P.E. Accident Reconstruction, Mechanical Engin.
725 Garth Allen Insurance Expert, Corporate Law
726 Garth Allen J.D. Insurance Expert, Corporate Law
727 Garth T. Ashpaugh C.P.A. Accounting, Telecommunications
728 Gary Friend P.E. Mechanical Engin.
729 Gary Hammond Real Estate Appraisal
730 Gary R. McConnell Accounting, Fraud Examination
731 Gene Haynes Electrical Engin.
732 George A. Hero III, P.E. Electrical Engin., Mechanical Engin., Fire Investigation
733 George J. Armbruster Jr. Police/ Law Enforcement
734 Gerald Alsup C.F.I. Fire Investigation, Forensic Science
735 Gilbert Arnold Roofing
736 Glenn Garlick A.S.A., M.B.A. Business Valuation, Finance
737 Gordon Wade NEC
738 Grace Kuntz NEC
739 Graham Allan Electrical Engin.
740 Gregory W. Miller P.G. Geology, Hydrogeology
741 Guy Haskell EMT/ Paramedic
  1. Boulter Kelsey Jr., P.E.
Design Engin., Forensic Engin., Mechanical Engin.
  1. T. Paton
Accident Reconstruction, Railroad Expert, Safety
744 Harold Franck Electrical Engin.
745 Harold A. Asher C.P.A., C.V.A., C.F.E. Accounting, Finance, Fraud Examination, Valuation
746 Harry C. Dodson Business Administration, Criminal Justice, Fire Investigation
747 Herbert A. Biern Banking, Finance, Bankruptcy Law
748 Hermann Mitchell NEC
749 Howard Gordon C.F.A., M.B.A. Business Valuation, Economic Analysis, Financial Analyst
750 Howard Marylander M.B.A. Market Research
751 Howard Segermark NEC
752 Howard G. Altschule Meteorology
753 Ian Ratner C.P.A., A.S.A., C.F.E., A.B.V. Accounting, Business Valuation, Finance
754 Ian H. Altman FSA, EA Actuarial Sciences
755 Ida Anderson Horse Expert
756 Investigator Hector Alicea Gang Expert, Police/ Law Enforcement
757 Investigator John Little Fire Investigation
758 Isaac Avery J.D. Law
  1. Michael Nesser C.P.A., A.B.V., J.D., C.F.E.
Accounting, Business Valuation, Fraud Examination, Tax Law
  1. T. Atkins J.D.
Banking, Finance, Banking Law
761 Jack R. Barnidge C.S.P. Safety
762 Jackie Messmer-Wilberg L.C.S.W. Couns./Therapy, Mental Health, Social Work
763 James Cammarano C.P.C. NEC
764 James Clary Construction, Civil Engin.
765 James Hall Oil and Gas Industry Expert, Safety
766 James Jarocki Finance, Securities Expert
767 James Thomson Finance
768 James Warren Real Estate Appraisal
769 James A. Acock Private Investigation, Safety, Transportation, Trucking
770 James A. Arton Railroad Expert
771 James A. Blanco Forensic Doc. Examin., Forensic Science, Handwriting Analysis
772 James D. Anderson P.E. Aeron./Aerosp. Engin., Forensic Engin., Mechanical Engin.
773 James D. Gardner P.E. Accident Reconstruction, Design Engin., Mechanical Engin., Tire Expert
774 James E. Aiken Ph.D. Criminal Justice, Prison Management/Corrections Expert
775 James H. Nelems Market Research, Marketing, Survey Research
776 James J. Willrett Agricultural Economics
777 James M. Skorheim J.D., C.P.A., A.B.V., C.F.F., C.F.E., C.V.A. Accounting, Business Valuation, Finance, Fraud Examination, Law, Valuation
778 James R. Atchison CAE, SAMA Real Estate Appraisal
779 James T. Rogers Vocational Expert
780 James Timothy Archibald M.A.I. Real Estate Appraisal
781 James W. Warmus C.P.A. Accounting
782 Jan Salisbury Clinical Psychology, Counseling Psych., Physiological Psych.
783 Janine S. Arvizu A.B.D. Chemistry
784 Jeff R. Paulus P.E., C.F.I., C.F.E.I. Electrical Engin., Fire Investigation
785 Jeffrey Hilliard NEC
786 Jeffrey Sjobring Construction
787 Jeffrey N. Aucoin C.P.A., C.F.F., C.F.E., C.I.A. Accounting, Finance, Fraud Examination
788 Jeffrey T. Anagnostou P.E., C.P.G. Civil Engin., Geotechnical Engin., Env. Science/Tech., Geology
789 Jerry L. Miles P.E. Civil Engin., Structural Engin.
790 Jim Hagale Apparel/Clothing Industry Expert
791 John Ackerman P.E. Construction, Mechanical Engin.
792 John Dionne Fire Investigation
793 John Jones P.E. Forensic Engin., Mechanical Engin.
794 John ONeill Fire Investigation
795 John Peck Real Estate Appraisal
796 John Webb A.I.A. Architecture, Construction
797 John F. Rekus P.E., C.I.H., C.S.P. Accident Reconstruction, Safety Engin., Industrial Hygiene, Occ. Health/Sfty., Safety
798 John J. McGeehan Education
799 John L. Gust Fire Investigation
800 John M. Bass P.E. Accident Reconstruction, Electrical Engin., Mechanical Engin.
801 John William Morris Jr., Sc.D. Materials/Met. Engin.
802 Johnnie Washington Mechanical Engin., Fire Investigation
803 Jon Albert-Levy Advertising
804 Jonah Behrmann Industrial Hygiene
805 Jorge Escalante Journalism
806 Joseph Ferrera Police/ Law Enforcement
807 Joseph Pessalano C.R.C. Rehabilitation Counseling, Vocational Expert
808 Joseph J. Stine Criminal Justice, Police/ Law Enforcement
809 Joseph J. Zona P.E. Civil Engin., Structural Engin.
810 Joseph Wayne Seelbach C.S.H.P. Occ. Health/Sfty., Safety
811 Joy Younce Fingerprint Analysis
812 Judge Arlin M. Adams J.D. Alt. Dispute Resolution, Litigation
813 Judge Michael McDonald Insurance Law
814 Judge William Webster Alt. Dispute Resolution, Law
815 Judith A. Horey CSAC, LCAS Couns./Therapy, Social Work
816 Juergen Albers NEC
817 Karen Anderson Environmental Health
818 Karl Wolff Railroad Expert
819 Kathleen V. Hopkins R.N., CSSM Construction, Safety
820 Keith Armstrong P.E. Electrical Engin.
821 Kelley Seale Adamson M.E., P.E. Accident Reconstruction, Civil Engin.
822 Kenneth Acks Economics, Env. Science/Tech., Real Estate Appraisal, Valuation
823 Kenneth R. Agent P.E. Accident Reconstruction, Traffic Engin., Transportation Engin.
824 Kenneth W. Fraiser NEC
825 Kevan J. Granat Accident Reconstruction
826 Kevin Leaning NEC
827 Kevin Miller Valuation
828 Kevin G. Archer P.E. Architecture, Civil Engin., Structural Engin.
829 Kimberly Madden M.Ed. Forensic Science
830 Kyle Anderson Firearms/Toolmrks/Ballist.
831 Larry Bielen NEC
832 Lawrence Harte M.B.A. Accounting, Business Administration, Electronics, Mathematics, Statistics, Telecommunications
833 Lawrence Gregory DuBois Materials/Met. Engin.
834 Lorenzo Rotoli Civil Engin., Traffic Engin.
835 Loretta R. Cross C.P.A., C.I.R.A., C.D.B.V. Accounting, Business Valuation, Finance
836 Louise Epstein Valuation
837 Lovelle Upton NEC
838 Lucy P. Allen MBA, MPhil, MA Business Administration, Business Valuation, Economics, Management Consulting, Statistics, Valuation
839 Lynne Sullivan C.P.A. Accounting
840 Manuel Alfonso Police/ Law Enforcement
841 Manuel Arzate Gang Expert, Police/ Law Enforcement
842 Margaret Aceves DNA, Forensic Science
843 Mari Kitahara Architecture
844 Mark Ackerman Real Estate Appraisal
845 Mark Rasmussen Economics
846 Mark Spearman NEC
847 Mark Elam Williams A.I.A., N.C.A.R.B. Architecture
848 Mark J. Ackerman M.A.I. Real Estate Appraisal
849 Mark J. Lawless Construction, Civil Engin., Safety
850 Mark L. Hereth Oil and Gas Industry Expert
851 Mark William Arndt P.E. Accident Reconstruction, Automotive Engin., Mechanical Engin., Fire Investigation, Automotive Mechanics, Safety
852 Mark Williams Arndt P.E. Accident Reconstruction, Automotive Engin., Mechanical Engin., Fire Investigation, Automotive Mechanics, Safety
853 Martin Flores Gang Expert
854 Mary Richardson Wildlife Biology
855 Mary A. Woodford M.B.A. Business Administration, Economics, Finance
856 Maurice L. Moya Police/ Law Enforcement
857 Merrill Norman Accounting, Economics
858 Michael Ames Fingerprint Analysis
859 Michael Anthony Electronic Engin., Mechanical Engin.
860 Michael Davis Real Estate Appraisal
861 Michael DeGuglielmo DNA
862 Michael Pirc NEC
863 Michael Root Accounting, Financial Analyst
864 Michael F. Amundson M.A.I., C.C.I.M., F.R.I.C.S. Real Estate Appraisal
865 Michael G. Natoli P.E. Civil Engin., Safety Engin.
866 Michael H. Anisfeld FDA Expert, Medical Technology, Pharmaceutics
867 Michael J. Kuzel P.E., C.H.F.P. Accident Reconstruction, Human Factors Engin., Mechanical Engin., Safety Engin., Erg./Human Fac. Anlys.
868 Michael S. McBride Accident Reconstruction
869 Michael W. Newell Insurance Expert
870 Mike Davis Land Surveyor
871 Morris C. Aaron C.P.A., M.B.A. Accounting, Business Administration
872 Morris C. Aaron C.P.A.., M.B.A. Accounting, Business Administration
873 Muriel Robinette Env. Science/Tech., Hydrogeology
874 Nancy Lee Environmental Health, Industrial Hygiene
875 Nathan Allen Computer Science
876 Noel Atkinson Real Estate Appraisal
877 Norbert Kupinski Fire Investigation, Automotive Mechanics, Private Investigation
878 Norman Fryman NEC
879 Nurse Denise York R.N. Nursing
880 Nurse Janice Ault R.N. Nursing
881 Nurse Joanne Gongora R.N Nursing
882 Nurse Joanne Gongora R.N. Nursing
883 Nurse Kim Wolfe A.P.R.N. Nursing
884 Nurse Lisa Burton Ph.D. (c), MSN, ARNP, CNS Nursing
885 Nurse Margaret Schmidt R.N., B.S.N. Nursing
886 Nurse Melody C. Antoon R.N., M.S.N. Nursing
887 Officer Aron Algren Gang Expert, Police/ Law Enforcement
888 Officer Fernando Avila Gang Expert, Police/ Law Enforcement
889 Officer Harold Adair Police/ Law Enforcement
890 Officer Hugo Ayon Gang Expert, Police/ Law Enforcement
891 Officer Jason Abner Gang Expert, Police/ Law Enforcement
892 Officer Kenneth Leytem Blood Alcohol Concentration Expert, Police/ Law Enforcement
893 Officer Paul Shuman Blood Alcohol Concentration Expert, Police/ Law Enforcement
894 Officer Thomas Appleby Gang Expert, Police/ Law Enforcement
  1. David Halstead
Biomechanics, Biomechanical Engin.
896 Pam Pariseau Human Res./Labor Rel.
897 Patricia Fant Firearms/Toolmrks/Ballist.
898 Paul Ainslie Accounting, Finance
899 Paul Hornsby Real Estate Appraisal
900 Paul Stickley NEC
901 Paul Taylor C.P.A. Accounting
902 Paul D. Loreto Insurance Expert
903 Paul F. Amoruso CPCU Insurance Expert
904 Paula Kahmann L.M.S.W. Social Work
905 Penny Harrington Police/ Law Enforcement
906 Peri Ann Aptaker J.D., C.P.A., P.F.S., C.F.P., C.B.A. Accounting, Business Valuation, Finance, Tax Law
907 Peter K. Ashton Economics
908 Philip K. Sherwood Survey Research
909 Phillip Powell C.P.A. Accounting
910 Prof. Anthony McGann Ph.D. Marketing
911 Prof. Anthony V. Alfieri J.D. Civil Procedure, Legal Ethics, Legal Malpractice
912 Prof. Bradford Cornell Ph.D. Economics, Finance, Securities Expert, Statistics, Valuation
913 Prof. Christopher Uggen Ph.D. Criminal Justice, Criminology, Sociology
914 Prof. David Franklin Williams D.Sc., Ph.D. Biomedical Engin., Clinical Engin., Materials/Met. Engin.
915 Prof. Geoffrey R. Loftus Ph.D. Eyewitness Identification, Cognitive Psychology, Experimental Psych.
916 Prof. Gregory B. Adams J.D. Corporate Law, Legal Ethics, Legal Malpractice
917 Prof. James A. Levinshon Ph.D. Econometrics, Economics
918 Prof. Jerrell L. Shofner Ph.D. History
919 Prof. Kevin S. Alter Architecture
920 Prof. Lance DeHaven-Smith Ph.D. Political Science
921 Prof. Mark A. Lemley J.D. Antitrust & Trade Reg., Intellectual Property, Patent Law
922 Prof. R. Richardson Pettit Ph.D. Finance, Financial Advisor, Market Analyst
923 Prof. Richard K. Scher Ph.D. Political Science
924 Prof. Richard L. Engstrom Ph.D. Elections, Political Science
925 Prof. Robert H. Aronson J.D. Author, Civil Procedure, Criminal Law, Evidence
926 Prof. Stephen Carl Arch Ph.D. Lang./Linguist. Expert
927 Prof. Stephen P. Magee Ph.D. Economics, Finance, Valuation
928 Prof. Theodore Chiricos Ph.D. Criminal Justice, Sociology
929 Prof. Wayne Allen Ray Ph.D. Computer Science, Epidemiology, Preventive Medicine, Public Health, Biostatistics
  1. Bruce Den Uyl
Business Valuation, Economics, Finance
  1. Dean Graves C.P.A., C.F.A
Accounting, Financial Analyst, Valuation
  1. Dean Graves C.P.A., C.F.A.
Accounting, Financial Analyst, Valuation
  1. Dunbar Argote MAI
Real Estate Appraisal
  1. James Alerding C.P.A./A.B.V., A.S.A., C.V.A.
Accounting, Business Valuation
  1. Wade Allen
Aeron./Aerosp. Engin., Human Factors Engin., Erg./Human Fac. Anlys.
936 Ralph Brown Coroner/Med. Ex.
937 Randolph Acock Occ. Health/Sfty.
938 Ray Fayer Welding Expert
939 Ray C. Davis C.F.I. Fire Investigation, Private Investigation
940 Raymond Wick Fire Investigation
941 Raymond Wills Insurance Expert
942 Raymond D. Arms P.E., C.F.E.I. Engin., Fire Investigation
943 Reese A. Thomas P.H.R., C.H.S.-III Art, Business Administration, Human Res./Labor Rel.
944 Reginald F. Allard Jr. Police/ Law Enforcement
945 Richard B. Dixon Valuation
946 Richard D. McAllister Mechanical Engin., Manufact. Proc. Design
947 Richard J. Apley J.D. Civil Engin., Patent Law
948 Richard W. Kragh P.E. Electrical Engin.
949 Robert Alperstein P.E., D.GE, M.ASCE Engineering Technology, Geotechnical Engin.
950 Robert Anderson Accident Reconstruction, Engin.
951 Robert Von Ancken M.A.I., C.R.E., F.R.I.C.S. Real Estate Appraisal
952 Robert C. Aiken II, P.E. Consulting Engin.
953 Robert D. Anderson Accident Reconstruction, Biomechanical Engin.
954 Robert E. Allen Jr. Firearms/Toolmrks/Ballist., Police/ Law Enforcement
955 Robert E. Breslin C.R.C. Rehabilitation Counseling, Vocational Expert
956 Robert F. Aucone C.P.A. Accounting
957 Robert J. Shafer Jr. Education
958 Robert J. Strachota M.C.B.A., M.A.I., C.R.E., B.V.A.L., F.I.B.A. Real Estate Appraisal
959 Robert John Anders Erg./Human Fac. Anlys., Industrial Design, Products Liability
960 Robert Loyd Anderson P.E. Accident Reconstruction, Mechanical Engin.
961 Robert R Almonte Police/ Law Enforcement
962 Robert W. Armstrong P.E. Electrical Engin., Forensic Engin.
963 Robert W. Bartlett P.E. Materials/Met. Engin.
964 Robert Walton Johnson M.B.A. Economics, Forensic Economics, Valuation
965 Rocco Avellini Automotive Industry Expert, Automotive Mechanics, Valuation
966 Roger C. Allen Safety, Transportation, Trucking
967 Roland Andrade Gang Expert, Police/ Law Enforcement
968 Ronald Lobodzinski P.E. Accident Reconstruction, Mechanical Engin.
969 Ronald J. Schilling Gaming Industry
970 Rosalind C. Anderson Physiology, Toxicology
971 Rosemary Stewart Banking
972 Roswell W. Ard Jr., P.E. Construction, Structural Engin.
973 Russell Stevick Mechanical Engin.
974 Samantha Abernathy L.C.S.W. Couns./Therapy, Drug Addiction, Social Work
975 Sandra Abalos C.P.A. Accounting
976 Sandra Anderson Animal Handler/Trainer
977 Sanford L. Kane Industrial Engin., Finance, Management
978 Scott A. Bayley C.P.A., A.B.V., C.F.E., C.V.A. Accounting, Business Valuation, Economics, Finance, Fraud Examination, Valuation
979 Seamus Ward Fire Investigation
980 Sgt. John Anderson Police/ Law Enforcement
981 Sharon Ayres Nursing
982 Shergoh Alkilani Real Estate Dev.
983 Solveig Valkonen Maerki L.P.C.C. Couns./Therapy
984 Spec. Agent Irvin Lee Allcox Forensic Chemistry, Govt. Agent
985 Spec. Agent Jeff Atwood FBI Agent
986 Spec. Agent John W. Bendure Bloodstain/Blood Spatter, Forensic Science, Govt. Agent
987 Spec. Agent Matthew Allen Customs Agent
988 Spec. Agent Stephen Haywood Govt. Agent
989 Spec. Agent Teri Arney Firearms/Toolmrks/Ballist., Forensic Science, SBI Agent
990 Spec. Agent Teri L Arney Firearms/Toolmrks/Ballist., Forensic Science, SBI Agent
991 Spencer Bevins NEC
992 Stan Brym Electrical Engin., Warnings Expert
993 Stanley Chick
994 Stanley Scott Accounting
995 Stanley A. Murphy C.P.A., A.B.V., C.F.F., C.I.R.A., C.D.B.V., C.V.A. Accounting, Business Valuation, Economic Analysis, Finance, Valuation
996 Stephanie Archer Vocational Expert
997 Stephen Cain Audio Expert
998 Stephen Horowitz NEC
999 Stephen C. Collins Oil and Gas Industry Expert, Valuation
1000 Stephen J. Scherf C.P.A., A.B.V., C.F.E., C.I.R.A., Cr.F.A., C.V.A. Accounting, Bankruptcy Trusts, Business Valuation, Finance, Fraud Examination, Valuation
1001 Stephen M. Arndt P.E. Accident Reconstruction, Automotive Engin., Safety Engin., Safety, Tire Expert
1002 Stephen M. Rullo Oil and Gas Industry Expert
1003 Stephen R. Shelton Oil and Gas Industry Expert
1004 Steve Baum NEC
1005 Steven Wright P.E. Fire Protection Engin., Fire Investigation
1006 Steven L. Walls C.P.A. Accounting
1007 Stuart Adair Alt. Dispute Resolution, Commercial Law, Corporate Law
1008 Stuart Allen Audio Expert, Forensic Audio Analysis
1009 Terry Armentrout Occ. Health/Sfty., Welding Expert
1010 Terry Kennedy Arnold RN, CRRN, CDMS, CLCP, CNLCP Life Care Planning, Nursing
1011 Thomas Akin Computer Science, Forensic Science
1012 Thomas Audet C.R.C. Vocational Expert
1013 Thomas Conners Couns./Therapy, Psychology
1014 Thomas Lupfer Construction
1015 Thomas Morrow Chemistry
1016 Thomas Page Police/ Law Enforcement
1017 Thomas Rossin Banking, Finance
1018 Thomas A. Graves Oil and Gas Industry Expert
1019 Thomas D. Nimmo Insurance Expert
1020 Thomas H. Friedberg Insurance Expert
1021 Thomas J. Aveni MSFP Police/ Law Enforcement, Forensic Psychology
1022 Thomas J. Lynch Real Estate Broker
1023 Thomas L. Alcorn P.E. Accident Reconstruction, Civil Engin., Forensic Engin.
1024 Thomas S. Andolfo MAI Real Estate Appraisal, Real Estate Broker, Valuation
1025 Thomas W. Bowler II Recreation, Safety
1026 Thomas W. Eagar Sc.D., P.E. Materials/Met. Engin., Fire Investigation, Welding Expert
1027 Timothy E. Austin CFI Fire Investigation
1028 Timothy Toyn Mitchell NEC
1029 Tom House NEC
1030 Tonya Parker Nursing
1031 Trooper Choya Hawn Accident Reconstruction, Police/ Law Enforcement
1032 Trooper Jacob Andolina Fire Investigation, Police/ Law Enforcement
  1. Allen Bullerdiek
Chemical Engin.
1034 Walter A. Guntharp Jr. Safety, Trucking
1035 Walter J. Girardi Mechanical Engin., Safety
1036 Walter J. Pierron R.Ph. Pharmacy
1037 Warren Hinzie Hydraulic Engin., Industrial Engin.
1038 Wayne Anderson Automotive Mechanics
1039 Weston Anson M.B.A. Licensing Expert, Management Consulting, Marketing, Valuation
1040 William Abington C.P.A., C.F.E. Accounting, Business Valuation, Fraud Examination
1041 William Nelson Management
1042 William Roberts NEC
1043 William Thurston NEC
1044 William D. Minadeo C.P.A. Accounting
1045 William E. Dickinson P.E. Mechanical Engin.
1046 William H. Avery III Amusement and Leisure Industry, Safety
1047 William J. Hanna P.E. Electrical Engin., Fire Investigation
1048 William T.C Neale M.Arch. Accident Reconstruction, Architecture, Computer Animation, Photogrammetry
1049 Yvonne Hill Fingerprint Analysis, Forensic Science