EWP allows experts to order a free screening report on themselves

If you are an expert witness and have worked on cases that went to Court, there is a high probability that the opposite party filed a Daubert challenge against your testimony. While many of these challenges may be overruled or don’t get ruled upon at all, it is important for an expert witness to know what, according to the opposing counsel or expert, could be challenged in their testimony or report.

Expert Witness Profiler has been providing both experts and attorneys with Expert Witness Profiles, Expert Challenge Studies and Preliminary Screening Reports for the last TEN years. Our products help attorneys retain the right expert and challenge the opposing expert in the best way possible. For experts, our reports provide them with an opportunity to be prepared for any questions related to their previous cases as well as their professional and personal background.

For a limited period, we are allowing expert witnesses to order a screening report on themselves at no cost. Our Screening Reports cost $45 and provide the number of challenges as well as the different other court documents which mention the expert and establish one’s involvement in a previous or ongoing case.

If you are an expert witness, you can now obtain this screening report and see if an attorney will find any challenges to your testimony or other court filed documents such as resumes, deposition transcripts, expert reports, motions, briefs, pleadings which can provide deep insights about your past performances. Starting today, you can obtain this report till January 31, 2019 for a total cost of $0.00.

To avail this offer, you simply need to do the following:

1.     Go to https://expertwitnessprofiler.com and create a free account.

2.     After you have created your account, go to https://expertwitnessprofiler.com/order/add and choose the following options:

a. Product: Preliminary Screening Report

b. Delivery Time: Two Business Day

3.    Enter your details and upload a copy of your latest resume/CV. Then, click on Preview. On the page that comes up, confirm that the correct information was received by our system. At this point, click on Proceed to Next Step.

4.     On this page, click on Add Coupon and enter FSREXPERT to get your Screening Report for FREE.

At this point, you will receive a confirmation email from us and our research team will start working on preparing your screening report.

You will receive your Screening Report by email from our Research Team (researchteam@expertwitnessprofiler.com).

While we usually deliver screening reports within 2 business days, free orders from Expert Witnesses will be delivered on a first come first serve basis.