Preliminary Screening Report lets attorneys know the number and types of documents which may be available on an expert witness

It is inarguable that in today’s “battle of the experts” litigation milieu, expert witness due diligence is critical and becoming more so every day.  That said, some attorneys approach the task with great casualness and, in some instances, even neglect.  Others go to great lengths to conduct intensive research on an expert’s background- and may even choose to outsource the entire expert witness due diligence process to a company that specializes in the process- like Expert Witness Profiler.

The fact is, there are instances where an expert witness does not have much, if any, experience testifying/ consulting as an expert or works in jurisdictions where records are not well digitized and therefore the expert’s testimonial history “flies under the radar” of search engines.  In such cases, it may not be worthwhile devoting significant resources into researching that expert.

Keeping this in mind, Expert Witness Profiler now offers an inexpensive Preliminary Screening Report ($45). The Preliminary Screening Report identifies the number of documents, across the legal databases that we search- where the expert’s name may have been mentioned.

When an order for a preliminary screening report is received, our team crafts a conservative search string and reports the number of hits found in the private and public databases we access. If the expert’s name is common, these strings are often refined further to mandate that apart from the name of the expert, one of the variations of his/her discipline must also be found in the document, and that too, within a certain number of words.

The screening report gives the client an informed basis on which to gauge how much effort it will take to get all the information deemed necessary to properly assess the type and level of additional research that should be conducted regarding the expert in question.

If screening results warrant the purchase of a complete Profile, the cost of the Preliminary Screening Report ($45) is deducted from the cost of the full profile ($495).

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