What are the most challenged disciplines?

Since its inception in 2000, the Daubert Tracker, Expert Witness Profiler’s sister company, has been cataloging challenges to the admissibility of expert witness testimony on a discipline by discipline basis.  When required, the Daubert Tracker also assigns a sub-discipline, as well.  For example, the general discipline of Medicine has over 130 sub-disciplines.  However, some disciplines have no sub-disciplines, in which case the discipline and sub-discipline are the same (for example- accounting).

Interestingly, from year to year, the discipline and sub-discipline list has remained remarkably constant.  When viewed generally, the disciplines most challenged (in order) are: (1) medicine, (2) engineering, (3) psychology and (4) finance.  However, when broken down into individual sub-disciplines, the results are different and may appear surprising:

Most Challenged Disciplines (by sub-discipline) of 648 total*

1 Police/ Law Enforcement         6,009
2 Internal Medicine**          4,133
3 Accident Reconstruction/Investigation         3,890
4 Forensic Science         3,772
5 Clinical Psychology         3,373
6 Psychiatry         3,203
7 Mechanical Engineering         2,972
8 Economics (unspecified)         2,896
9 Accounting         2,815
10 Orthopedic Surgery         2,312


**Board Certification in Internal Medicine a prerequisite for certification in other medical sub-specialities.

Stay tuned for interesting “Daubert Metrics.”  Coming next: most challenged medical sub-disciplines and areas of law with most challenge activity.